Peatbogs, Plague and Potatoes

Peatbogs, Plague and Potatoes


How Climate Change and Geology Shaped Scotland's History

Emma Wood

ISBN: 9781906307370

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

The environment is not a neutral background to human struggles for power and profit. Scotland's past is affected by these non-human factors as much as anything that man has done. The dramatic environmental consequences of volcanic eruptions, floods or drought are not the only ones to effect our lives and our history. Peatbogs, Plague and Potatoes makes Scotland's environmental history easy to understand by summarising the course of human interaction with the non-human environment. The Acts of Union, Culloden and the Highland Clearances are all human events that have all have caused unprecedented impact on the environment still being felt today. As farms, fields and hedges have been replaced by factories, roads and canals Scotland, has been transformed as have the lives of its people. This history charts Scotland's road to modernity and the environment's influential role within it.