Citizens United

Citizens United


Taking Back Control in Turbulent Times

Henry McLeish

ISBN: 9781910021781

Binding: paperback

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The early years of the 21st century have erupted into a spectacular period of seismic political unrest which challenges our sense of purpose, shreds our certainties, and questions our path to progress. Volatile and angry citizens are contesting social democracy and progressive politics. It is a wake-up call to those who believe that humans are capable of achieving much higher levels of social, economic, political and cultural wellbeing.

The future of Scotland is at a crossroads as Brexit creates more complexity and confusion. The SNP has lost momentum and a window of opportunity has emerged for a wider and deeper debate about the current political situation both in Scotland and the UK.

What’s the matter with democracy in Britain and how can we make citizenship meaningful in such turbulent times?

How is populism changing how we view politics, political parties and democracy?

Europe is our future – how can we stay in the EU?

How can we address the anger, mistrust and fear currently dominating the public discourse and bitterly dividing Britain?

What is Scotland’s future role within the UK?

How do we develop a more inspired politics where the citizen is valued and taken seriously?

This book examines the most pressing issues facing us today in the context of the political and constitutional upheaval that is coursing throughout Western democracies. The shock politics of Trump and Brexit demonstrate that the political landscape has changed and we face an uncertain future. Henry McLeish offers a new approach to get us out of the mess we’re in.

Watch a talk by Henry McLeish about the state of Scotland after the independence and Brexit referendums, held at Riddle's Court in Edinburgh: