Building a Nation

Building a Nation


Post Devolution Nationalism in Scotland

Kenny MacAskill

ISBN: 9781842820810

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Kenny MacAskill makes the case for a distinctive Scottish version of social democracy that can balance a vibrant economy with quality public services. He argues that Post Devolution Nationalism is about building a nation to be proud of and explores the significance of Scotland's newfound independence.


This book is an important, possibly seminal, contribution to a debate that reflects on the meaning of independence, not just in terms of its constitutional-legal meanings but its wider meanings. It is challenging and provocative in the very best sense. There is an underlying and powerful message of optimism, a quiet self-confidence which challenges what Kenny MacAskill calls the 'outward swagger but huge inner self-doubt'. The book may be primarily addressed to a Nationalist audience but should be read well beyond supporters of constitutional independence.  Professor James Mitchell, Department of Government, University of Strathclyde