A Model Constitution for Scotland

A Model Constitution for Scotland


Making Democracy Work in an Independent State

W. Elliot Bulmer

ISBN: 9781908373137

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Scotland is a free, sovereign and independent commonwealth. Its form of government, is a parliamentary democracy based upon the sovereignty of the people, social justice, solidarity, and respect for human rights... 

The constitutional debate in Scotland has, until now, focused primarily on the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. This treatise goes beyond the sterile arguments of nationalists and unionists to envision a new and more democratic political system constructed in an independent state - W. Elliot Bulmer

A Model Constitution for Scotland sets out a workable model for Scotland's future and includes detailed constitutional proposals and informed discussion on the topic.

The independence debate has to break out of political elites and address the 'after independence' question. Elliot Bulmer's book is an important contribution to this exploring how we make Scotland constitutionally literate, and how we shape our politics in a way which reflects who we are and what we aspire to be. Bulmer rightly argues that independence has to aspire to more than abolishing reserved powers, Holyrood becoming a mini-Westminster, and nothing else changing. A must read for independentistas, thoughtful unionists and democrats. - Gerry Hassan, author and broadcaster


Bulmer poses the greatest question for an Independent Scotland: how will Scotland be governed? ... A Model Constitution raises this question and presents a starting point for the immense task of writing Scotland’s Constitution. For this reason A Model Constitution is necessary reading for all those debating Scotland’s future.  THOUGHTSFROMTHEKELVIN.WORDPRESS

Table of contents:

The Constitutional Commission

Part One: Introductory Notes
Section 1: A Civic Approach to Democracy
Section 2: What is a Constitution? 
Section 3: Consensus vs Majoritarian Democracy
Section 4: A Normal European Democracy

Part Two: Explanatory Notes
Head of State
Council of Ministers
Local Government
Ombudsman, Auditor-General and Independent Commissions
Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
Miscellaneous Provisions
Adoption and Amendment of the Constitution
Final Considerations

End Notes

A Model Constitution in Scotland