Zero Hours

Zero Hours


Rab Wilson

ISBN: 9781910745274

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Ceci n'est pas Stonehenge’, this is the cosmos,
distilled to elemental rock and stone,
depicting that interstellar collision,
four billion years away, a chaos
of realignment unimaginable,
when all the worlds we knew or didn’t know
osmotically pass through each other like ghosts,
to form new galaxies intangible.

Written mostly in Scots, Rab Wilson’s new collection is a timely comment on our climate of zero hours contracts and benefits sanctions. From social issues to politics, from the sublime to the absurd, Wilson homes in on the unique aspects of life in Scotland and sets out his poetic manifesto for our country’s future.

Rab Wilson is a widely published Scots poet, and has performed his work to all kinds of audiences throughout Scotland.


Many of Wilson's poems here, in both Scots and in English, are essentially stories in miniature, which is perhaps why he so often seems inspired by storytellers like Walter Scott, as well as artists like Joan Eardley. He has a highly effective skewering style, cutting through pretence and pomposity with ease.   Sunday Herald