Anne Pia

ISBN: 9781912147373

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

‘Anne Pia is a fresh voice among contemporary Scottish poets. The European context in which her imagination works, with poems responding to the work of Baudelaire, for instance, is taken as a given: Scotland and the community of European nations are mediated and represented in her poems with subtle understanding, sympathy and constructive insight, political realities that give “nurture” to “fledglings preparing to fly”.’   ALAN RIACH

Through the poet’s ‘small and continuing dialogues’, Transitory explores the ongoing state of change that we all inhabit. These intimate, elegant poems expose the impact of ourselves on the world, and the world on ourselves, touching on issues of identity, belonging and otherness with honesty and tenderness.

From the Saltire Award shortlisted author of Language of My Choosing.