Tartan and Turban

Tartan and Turban


Bashabi Fraser

ISBN: 9781842820445

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Let the powder clouds of Holi - the festival of colour - cover you in purple, pink and green.
Be mesmerised by the proud hooded cobra weaving its charm.
Join a wedding wrapped up in reams of yellow silk and incense and alive with the swish of green kilts and the sound of bagpipes.
Watch the snow melt on the crest of soft dawns and feel the slash of rain against your numb cheek as the wind races across from the North Sea.

Read Bashabi Fraser's poetry and experience a swirl of emotions and images.

A Bengali poet living in Scotland, Bashabi Fraser creatively spans the different worlds she inhabits, celebrating the contrasts of the two countries whilst also finding commonality. Focussing on clear themes and issues - displacement, removal, belonging, identity, war - her poetry is vibrant with feeling and comes alive in an outrageous game of sound patterns.


Bashabi's lyrical and evocative verses... touch a chord with all those who hear her.   The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta

Two cultures, two worlds and a writer who can span them both.   Valerie Bierman