Sex, Death and Football

Sex, Death and Football


Alistair Findlay

ISBN: 9781842820223

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Alistair Findlay, author of the acclaimed Shale Voices, takes a measured look at those three most important facets of life - sex, death and, of course, football.

Football has never been a science so much as a heartbeat away from a sclaf, an unlucky bobble, catastrophe - a bit like Sex and Death - and thus a suitable case for poetry. - ALISTAIR FINDLAY

Showing great individuality, energy and wit, Findlay creates 'elegies - with edge' in this accessible and uncompromising collection. With his ear for natural human expression and appetite for life, he succeeds in crafting poetry teeming with both humanity and humour. His poems bridge the gap between perceptions of 'high' and popular culture, and tackle with rare insight the breadth of human experience, both sacred and profane.