Scots Poems to be Read Aloud

Scots Poems to be Read Aloud


Yin or Twa Delightfu Evenin's Entertainment

Stuart McHardy

ISBN: 9780946487813

Binding: paperback

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Key Features and Benefits

- A collection of the popular and the more obscure chosen from the collection of poetry in Scots and put together by well known storyteller Stuart McHardy

- One of the great strengths of Scots is its capacity for strong rhythm and rhyme

- Inspired by Tom Atkinson's Poems to be Read Aloud: A Victorian Drawing Room Entertainment

- With a tendency towards the humorous it has everything from great works of art to simple pieces

- Includes poems from Older Scots to Modern Scots

- Stuart is also author of Scotland: Myth, Legend and Folklore, Edinburgh and Leith Pub Guide and the soon to be released Druidesses: the Nine Maidens