Poems in Tribute to Women of Scotland

Gerda Stevenson

ISBN: 9781912147328

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Quines: Poems in tribute to women of Scotland gives voice to 68 women from BC to the 21st century. The ‘voices’ of the poems range from those of the women featured, to inanimate objects – queens, politicians, a ship, a fish gutter, scientists, a mountain, sportswomen (including a whole football team) and many more.  QUINES celebrates the richly diverse contribution women have made to Scottish history and society.


Quines is a vivid explosion of thought, description and bold opinion, clothing Scots history at last with the myriad contribution of its women. Gerda Stevenson personifies figures often left as dry as dust and reinstates the dignity and complexity of female characters who have helped shape society and reach across the centuries to modern women today. Her use of Scots language and Gaelic phrasing adds authenticity and smeddum. This is a wonderful, life-affirming book.  Lesley Riddoch

Gerda Stevenson’s fabulous Quines – a groundbreaker of a book.  Jackie Kay, Best Summer Books for 2018, The Observer

This remarkable book is much more than a collection of fine poems. It is a social document chronicling the achievements of women, many of whom have been neglected and forgotten. Kevin Crowe, Am Bratach Journal

An inspiring collection, celebrating Scottish women throughout the ages. There are nearly 60 poems here, ranging from queens to fish-gutters and, chronologically, from a 5000-year-old reconstructed head in a Shetland museum to the only recently departed Tessa Ransford of the Scottish Poetry Library...a mammoth undertaking, but Stevenson is more than up to the task, taking on a variety of styles, voices and perspectives.…not only an absorbing and uplifting book but educational too. Sunday Herald

This is an inspiring collection giving voice to the many women of Scotland whose presence would otherwise be in shadow. Murray Armstrong, Write Out Loud

…this piercingly challenging and beautiful collection by Gerda Stevenson; reading it bites the heart. Richard Holloway

Clutch this book of wondrous odes to your bosom – it will gladden your heart, sadden it, but also fill you with pride. What women they were that birthed our Scottish nation and here they are, exquisitely brought to vibrant life, by that contemporary cultural quine, Gerda StevensonBaroness Helena Kennedy QC

Quines - the sheer beauty and audacity of it all - marvellous. Menna Elfyn