Picking Brambles

Picking Brambles


And Other Poems

Des Dillon

ISBN: 9781842820216

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

A selection of poems written by Des Dillon, featuring his quick-fire verbal delivery.


A superb collection which easily matches his award winning novels for quality.   Jim Craig

These poems will draw many folk back to poetry. I loved them.   Anne MacLeod

You have a genius for making the reader feel the poem is her/his experience.   Eileen Ramsay

Both sensual and spiritual, this is a seductive collection.   Janet Paisley

This is a collection which beats with a full, tough heart, and thrums like good music.   Alan Bissett

Through his poetic soul a big, big heart and a soft underbelly.   Lesley Benzie

The poems combine the personal and political with a clever use of language to create startling metaphors in what is confessional poetry in a very modern context.   Bashabi Fraser