On The Flyleaf

On The Flyleaf


Ken Cockburn

ISBN: 9781906307189

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

In this new collection, Ken Cockburn beautifully expresses the interplay between landscape and literature. Separated into two complementary sections, personal observances of settings in Scotland and abroad mingle with reflections on favourite books - encyclopaedias, comics, and ancient poetry included. The first section conveys humankind's need to leave a mark on the world, the second looks at how books influence personal experiences. It is a worthy addition to any poetry collection.


It is refreshing to read contemporary poetry of such rare grace and compassion... a welcome contribution to the literature of our nomadic century.  Tom Hubbard, Fife Lines

One of the principal strengths of Cockburn's poetry is its exploration of the life that is contained in seemingly trivial, small or uneventful moments. The result is gentle, meditative poetry that is occasionally opaque but often subtly powerful.   Alan Rawes, Scottish Literary Journal