Of Dogs and Men

Of Dogs and Men


John Barrington

ISBN: 9781906817909

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Early man would have been alert to wild, camp-following dogs warning of approaching danger. Present day people can be thankful for a much wider range of canine services.

Part autobiography and part history, Of Dogs and Men is a celebration of our passion for the trusty sheepdog.

Filled with lively anecdotes, poems and mythological stories, Barrington sets out to map the evolution and bond between man and dog; how dogs developed from the wild into the beloved companions as we know them today. Barrington includes heart warming stories of collies used in life saving operations as search and rescue dogs, in epilepsy and cancer alert situations and as guide dogs.


I read John Barrington’s book with growing delight. This working shepherd writes beautifully about his animals, about the wildlife, trees and flowers which surround him at all times, and he paints an unforgettable picture of his glorious corner of Western Scotland. It is a lovely story of a rather wonderful life.   James Herriot on Red Sky at Night