Not Just Moonshine

Not Just Moonshine


New and Selected Poems

Tessa Ransford

ISBN: 9781906307776

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Not Just Moonshine: New and Selected Poems has been compiled to celebrate Tessa Ransford's seventieth birthday. This book chooses poems from each of the last four decades. This selection makes possible an overview of Tessa' development, styles and themes as a poet. It represents a substantial body of work, from one of Scotland's most consistently accomplished and engaging poets.


What is striking about her development as a poet is not only the unity of her work - the 'unusual purity of vision' early identified by Alan Bold - but its continuing openness to the influences of the world around her.   AC Clarke

The enlightened mind at work, at both art and the problems of the world, rich with native wit, keen to connect and transform.  Ali Smith

Unshamedly intellectual in its approach, Ransford's work acknowledges no limitations of gender and is about as far as one could get from conventional expectations of 'women's poetry'.  Christopher Whyte