Made in Edinburgh

Made in Edinburgh


Poems and Evocations of Holyrood Park

Tessa Ransford

ISBN: 9781908373847

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

The silver birch shimmers in pale leaves. I think of her as a daughter far away in the city, the beech and ash her sisters. My son is the pine tree strong and tall. Award-winning poet Tessa Ransford shares her reflections on and evocations of Edinburgh's Holyrood Park, inspired by over thirty years as its neighbour. Throughout the seasons, in whatever mood or aspect it presents itself, the park is constant in the view from Ransford's window, and her engaging poetry is a response to the variety in its stability. Accompanying photographs by Michael Knowles help to show the dramatic contrasts and beautiful detail of the scene they share. The poems and photography combined embody the sentiment of 'turning nature into art' and create a beautiful, poignant work which resonates with all those who have experienced the beauty of Holyrood Park.