Life Sentence

Life Sentence


More Poems Chiefly in the Scots Language

Rab Wilson

ISBN: 9781906307899

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

We haud the universe athin oor grup, Syne life cams pourin frae the biro's tip, An thon primordial urge we hae tae tell, Comes spillin oot, frae whaur? Nae man can tell - Fir life is whit we aa are sentenced tae. Rab Wilson can find poetry everywhere in life; in a shopping trolley in the river, a trip to the bookie's, or a catastrophic earthquake. In this lichtsome new collection, he digs into literature ('Where Burns Has Wrote, In Rhyming Blether...'), history ('Rab Bruce, Drug Baron, Addresses his Troops'), terrorism ('Israeli Bombs at Prestwick') and social commentary ('Misanthrope in the Pound-Shoap'). Written in Scots and English, the language of the poems is versatile and expressive, adding texture, humour or earthiness to everyday events. Whether taking a sly poke at other people's pretensions or reflecting on world peace, Rab's 'Life Sentence' never weighs too heavily on his shoulders.