Immortal Memories

Immortal Memories


John Cairney

ISBN: 9781905222483

Binding: paperback

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The Immortal Memory remains the centrepiece of the traditional Burns Supper and although that rite might be seen by some to have had its day, the 'Immortal Memory' itself still retains its importance and prestige to Burns lovers all over the world. It is an honour to be invited to present this toast and it is to honour this status and to further respect its subject that Dr Cairney's third book on Burns is devoted to his 'Immortal Memory'. The extraordinary thing is that the contributors, while dealing with the same man, all appear to see him so differently, but what they all still have in common is a love and admiration for the man and his work. This is the factor that makes Burns unique, that he has the same appeal for so many different kinds of people.