New Poems 2001-2009

Alan Riach

ISBN: 9781906817091

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Homecoming puts Scotland in touch with the wider world, particularly fitting as the country prepares to welcome back its sons and daughters in a year-long celebration. Riach, himself a returned ex-pat, finds common humanity at home and abroad with a new book of inspired poetry carefully arranged in five sections, from the opening preludes to the diverse landscapes of Scotland, from Orkney to the Borders. Riach guides the reader around the globe from New Zealand through China to Mexico, Istanbul and Helsinki before returning home to Scotland in the final section, and the crux of the collection. In over 80 engaging poems, diverse in form and subject matter, Riach observes life with a poignancy, clarity and sometimes a hard edge that has earned him the reputation as one of the finest poets of his generation. Homecoming also includes beautiful original illustrations by artist Alexander Moffat.


A major Scottish poet...  Douglas Gifford

I love the order and shape of the manuscript, the air and breath in it. The Scottish landscapes that close the book are the root and Right True End of the collection: 'Bus Stop, Alloway' and 'Lanarkshire, January', the February flightpaths and unexpected bursts of hail - all these poems are sharp, soar, and help you to really see - and maybe my favourite is 'Drumelzier': not a poem about an eldritch experience but one that is an eldritch experience. It's an extraordinarily rich and varied collection.  Liz Lochhead

... lively and intelligent... wide-ranging, adventurous, often witty...  Edwin Morgan

... full of passion and intelligence... Scotland is his agenda...  Andrew McNeillie, Times Literary Supplement