Bad Ass Raindrop

Bad Ass Raindrop


Kokumo Rocks

ISBN: 9781842820186

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Fadeke Kokumo Rocks' poetry is alive with love, passion, humour, wisdom and brutal honesty. It is sharply observed, potent and insightful capturing beautifully the sixth dimension of the creative eye. It has a rich diversity of time and content which embraces the globe and its conflicts, domestic and urban. You can hear the monsoon rains of Africa, taste the mangoes of India, touch the compassion and spirit of the child and feel the pain of burning flesh as race riots rage in Scotland. What would happen if a raindrop took acid? What are the identifying characteristics of a "gaggle" in their natural environment? And have you noticed that there are no black babies on "New Baby" cards?


Kokumo Rocks is the Tiger Woods of performance poetry.  Angus Calder