New Scottish Political Poetry

Katie Ailes & Sarah Paterson (ed.)

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Aiblins is a selection of new Scottish political poetry. The poems in this collection reflect the tumultuous, rapidly evolving nature of contemporary Scottish politics. They also stand as a testament to the deep engagements poets are making with the political landscape today, not only by reflecting on current events through their work but also by issuing provocations which reframe and challenge conventional assumptions.

Table of contents:



Introduction: Katie Ailes and Sarah Paterson

Aiblins - Stewart Sanderson
’s Mathaid - translated by Calum L Macleòid
Territory - AC Clarke
A Highland Favour  - Brian Johnstone
Overheard on a bus in Aberdeen - Mandy Macdonald
Family History: The Accent - Hilary Birch
Cìocharan - Marcas Mac an Tuairneir
Picture of Girl and Small Boy (Gaza, 2014) - Marjorie Lotfi Gill
Vatersay 1853/ Kos 2015 - Hugh McMillan
Bhatarsaigh 1853/ Kos 2015 - translated by Calum L MacLeòid
Bethlehem-Glasgow - Irene Hossack
Viewpoint - AC Clarke
Sealladh - translated by Calum L MacLeòid
Old School Maps - Brian Johnstone
Cuimhneachadh Ceud Bliadhna o Mhurt - James Connolly Greg MacThòmais
Jackie’s Ma Auntie - Valerie Wilson
Korean Letters - David Cameron
Four Allegories of Independence - Brian Johnstone
September 2014 - Hugh McMillan
Friday the Nineteenth - Katy Ewing
Ouroboros - Jane Frank
Hauntology - Roddy Shippin
leave behind - Alec Finlay
Let Truth Tell Itself - Jim Carruth
Biography of a Cow - Russell Jones
Summerisle - Hugh McMillan
Breath of the Treemen - Matthew Macdonald
The Town - Chris Boyland
To Mohammed - Henry Bell
Divali in Kessock - Arun Sood
Autumn in Texas - Nancy Somerville 
Squaring the Circle - Finola Scott
Lochlannach - Calum L MacLeòid
Thin Ice - John Bolland
The Sweet Science - Ross Wilson
Return - Finola Scott
Chioroscuro - Ross Wilson
All the Verbs from Glasgow City Council’s New Proposed Management Rules Regulating Public Parks… - Harry Giles
The Chair - Chris Boyland
Solidarity - William Bonar
Hid - Nancy Somerville
Scottish Election Tongue Twister - Henry Bell
The Exceptionals - David Forrest
A Voter’s Reflections in Rhyme - Calum Rodger
And So the People Spoke - Anita John
Searmonaiche Tadhalach - Greg MacThòmais
Highland Disunion - Arun Sood
Dealachadh Gàidhealach - translated by Calum L MacLeòid
Crossing the Road - Gavin Cruikshank
Alice Coy Told Me How - Henry Bell
For Refuge - Pippa Little
Slack Water - Marjorie Lotfi Gill
Arcadia - Rona Fitzgerald
Poetry Reading, Edinburgh, 1960 - Stewart Sanderson

Afterword: Bardic Voice Robert Crawford