A Map for the Blind

A Map for the Blind


Poems Chiefly in the Scots Language

Rab Wilson

ISBN: 9781906817824

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

When ah saw the wark o this lassie, wha wis developin a software programme fir fowk wi a visual impairment, the penny suddenly drapt; that poems kindae duin the same joab - they make a pynt or reveal tae us a truth that aiblins we cuidnae see afore. An thon's the magic thing that poetry dis! 

Written mostly in Scots, Rab Wilson's A Map for the Blind deals with topics ranging from satirical social commentary to sublime shots of everyday life with his characteristic wit and insight. 

From a poignant reflection into the 'black hairt' of the coal industry, to a nostalgic and spirited look at classic bicycles, to wondering if anyone was listening to 'Holy Gordon's Prayer', Rab Wilson delivers a vibrant picture of Scotland which we can't fail to recognise. 


Rab Wilson is one of the best poets now working in Scotland. In the interest of his language,subject matter, form of address, development of style and perspective and tone, he is far more curious and willing to take risks than almost all of his contemporaries.  Professor Alan Riach

...poetry to rival the best published in Scotland, or written by a Scot in the past 30 years. Bursting with ambition, technically brilliant and funny.  Scotland on Sunday on Accent o the Mind

Executed with great skill and verbal energy... this venerable text is intriging, amusing and 'doonright eccentric'.  Professor Willy Maley on The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam, in Scots

Table of contents:

Poems: Part One


Sma Fowk

Eddie @ 90

Eddie?s Fareweel

The Art Stall: Buchanan Galleries

100 Books That Failed To Change My Life

Morrissey versus Mussorgsky

Blue Skies Thinkin

The Sycamore at Calton

Of What Does Water Sing?


Last Entry


Love ?n? Hate

Radio, Radio?

Lorry Load o Christmas Trees

Frae the Zen o Mut Li 

A Selection of the Poems written for the film documentary

Finding the Seam

The Coal



The Great Stariski

Poems: Part Two


AA Dyslexic

Single Fare

A Modest Proposal, 2010

Holy Gordon?s Prayer

The Health and Safety Man

Vote Conlabourative!

The Execution Wull Be Televised

That Wis When He Whackt Him!

Bad Day at Fraggle Rock

A Sonnet Oan Ma Birthday

Kemp?s Stane



Tony Answers to a Higher Power

Ah Met the Truth the Day

Sons o Selgovae!

Napoleon?s Gairden

Paradise Lost

Poised Languidly Upon a Coign of Vantage

Big Davie


Chuang Tzu?s Empty Boat



Radio Phone-In

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

1957 flying scot

A Sonnet Redoubl? Elegy

Poems: Part Three

In Memoriam: Ted Hughes


At the Funeral o Jimmy Reid

Old Song

Wee Sheila

Shairpnin Machine Picks 

sangs oan the daith o bairns

Mahler?s Kindertotenlieder: A Scots Libretto

?Nun will die Sonn? so hell aufgeh?n?

?Nun seh ich wohl?

?Wenn dein M?tterlein?

?Oft denk? ich, sie sind nur ausgeganen?

?In diesem Wetter!?

Robin Hood, Robin Hood?

Gau?n?s Desk

Fiddler?s Bid

?Stridin Forrit!?

Oan Windyhill

Man With Toilet Seat Beneath His Arm


Fashion Victims

Attack Frog

This Display Case Is Empty

Fairport Convention at the Theatre Royal, Dumfries

Blue Smoke

The Bladnoch Dram

Dalai Lama Dilemma

Anok Sabe?s Complaint

An Christmas Cam tae Sauchiehall Street

A Map for the Blind