100 Favourite Scottish Poems to Read Out Loud

100 Favourite Scottish Poems to Read Out Loud


Gordon Jarvie

ISBN: 9781906307011

Binding: paperback

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Do you know a poem off by heart but always get stuck at the second verse? Can your friends and family members recite at the drop od a hat while you only have a vague memory of poems and songs learned as a child? Or do you just want an aide-memoire to the poems you know and love? This collection includes many popular Scottish poems, from The Wee Cock Sparra to The Four MariesThe Wee Kirkcudbright Centipedeto John Anderson my Jo; as well as poetry by Sheena Blackhall, Norman MacCaig, Jimmy Copeland, Tom Leanard and many others. Scots have ample opportunity to let rip with old favourites on Burns Night, St Andrew's Day, or at ceilidhs and festivals. Whatever your choice, this wide-ranging selection will give you and your audience (even if it's only the mirror) hours of pleasure and enjoyment.