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Aye Write! Freedom From Poverty with Darren McGarvey and Raoul Martinez

  • Tramway 25 Albert Drive Glasgow, Scotland, G41 2PE United Kingdom (map)

Rapper and columnist Darren McGarvey and painter and filmmaker Raoul Martinez offer fierce and profoundly hopeful manifestos for change.

Darren McGarvey aka Loki grew up in Pollok. He is a writer, performer, community activist and columnist. His first book Poverty Safari uses elements of his own life and challenges to give a voice to the feelings and concerns of deprived communities all around Britain. In Creating Freedom, Raoul Martinez exposes the mechanisms of control that pervade our lives and the myths on which they depend. Exploring the lottery of our birth, the coercive influence of concentrated wealth, and the consent-manufacturing realities of undemocratic power, he shows that our faith in free media, free markets, free elections and free will is dangerously misplaced. Both writers offer fierce and profoundly hopeful manifestos for change.

Tickets for this event are £9 and are available from the Aye Write! website.

Poverty Safari: Understanding the anger of Britain's underclass by Darren McGarvey is available for purchase here.