100 Weeks of Scotland

100 Weeks of Scotland


Alan McCredie

ISBN: 9781910021606

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

100 Weeks of Scotland is a revealing journey into the heart and soul of Scotland in the 100 weeks that led up to the independence referendum in September 2014.

From the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement through to the referendum and its immediate aftermath, this book charts a country in the grip of political debate. 100 Weeks of Scotland is not simply a political book. It brings together stunning photography and stimulating commentary to capture a country in transition.

It examines Scotland in all its forms from its stunning landscapes to its urban sprawl to, most notably of all, its people as they live their lives in the run up to the most significant democratic event in their country’s history. It is a portrait of a nation on the verge of the unknown.

What I discovered was a country made up of people from all over the world, who live and work here and who were given a chance to have their say in how the place they live should govern itself. Civil wars have broken out for less, but we, in this small part of a small island, could do it with the stroke of a pen. It has been an utterly remarkable period in the history of Scotland, one that I am so glad I could live through, and document.


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