Scotland the Worst

Scotland the Worst


A Derogatory Guide to the Worst Places to Visit in Times Gone By

Charles Maciejewski

ISBN: 9781912147922

binding: paperback

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An alternative guide to our bonnie wee country and its inhabitants, this book is a compendium of some of the less generous comments made by 17th, 18th and 19th century visitors. Hopefully much has changed - and mostly for the better!

The New Town of Edinburgh is beautifully monotonous, and magnificently dull. J JOHNSON, 1834

Small flies, alias midges… the little miscreants are the very torture of life in Skye. They start in ravenous armed myriads, making work utterly impossible, till at last, with fevered blood, and face and hands literally swollen by their attacks… you have to leave the spot. C GORDON-CUMMING, 1876

While we were looking out of window… a wild yell, as from a hundred tortured pigs, ascends upon the breeze, and there… pacing the lawn in from of the hotel is the wretched man with the baggy-pipe. C BEDE, 1863

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