The Storr

The Storr


Unfolding Landscape (Part 2)

Angus Farquhar

ISBN: 9781905222223

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

In 2000, the NVA arts organisation created The Path: a light and sound event that attracted 5,000 people and stunned audiences. The Path was a night-time walk through Perthshire's Glen Lyon where music, light and international performances created an intense sense of pilgrimage that aimed to enhance the participants' sense of the power of the natural landscape and rediscover what we may have forgotten about the world around us. Now this unforgettable event is to be taken to one of Europe's most hauntingly beautiful landscapes - the high cliffs of Coire Faion and The Storr on Skye. Around midnight, groups, equipped with head torches and walking sticks, will be guided through this inspiring landscape as the words of Skye's legendary poet Sorley MacLean echo down from the mountain.

This book of essays and photographs from the storr event will capture what promises to be one of the greatest single site-specific environmental artworks ever to be staged in Britain.