Of Big Hills and Wee Men

Of Big Hills and Wee Men


Peter Kemp

ISBN: 9781908373304

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Before us in the bright spring sunshine lay the entire Clyde valley, dominated by the vast sprawling mass of Glasgow, the dear green place. There was a time no too long ago when the old heavy industries would have made this view much less clear. But today we could see the Cowal Hills and Greenock in the west to the Pentlands in the East.

From the time he bagged his first Munro, Peter Kemp has remained an enthusiastic hillawalker and this book is a testament to his passion for Scotland's outdoors and hillwalking culture.


Kemp’s narrative is amusing and not without insight into the ludicrous nature of some of the altercations… Kemp is an engaging storyteller and has some good stories to tell… This is a great wee book.   The Angry Corrie