Mountain Days & Bothy Nights

Mountain Days & Bothy Nights


Dave Brown & Ian R. Mitchell

ISBN: 9781906307837

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Acknowledged as a classic of mountain writing, this book takes you into the bothies, howffs and dosses on the Scottish hills as Fishgut Mac, Desperate Dan and Stumpy the Big Yin stalk hill and public house, evading gamekeepers and Royalty.


The ideal book for nostalgic hillwalkers and climbers of the '60s, even just the armchair and public house variety... humorous, entertaining, informative, written by two men with obvious expertise, knowledge and love of their subject.  Scots Independent

The doings, sayings, incongruities and idiosyncracies of the denizens of the bothy underworld... An authentic picture of this part of the climbing scene in latter-day Scotland, which like any good picture, will increase in charm over the years.  Iain Smart, Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal

[This] must be the only complete dosser's guide ever put together.  Alistair Borthwick, author of the immortal 1930s classic, Always a Little Further