Men & Beasts

Men & Beasts


Wild Men and Tame Animals of Scotland

Valerie Gillies

ISBN: 9780946487929

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Come and meet some wild men and tame beasts. Explore the fleeting moment and capture the passing of time in these portrait studies which document a year's journey. Travel across Scotland with poet Valerie Gillies and photographer Rebecca Marr: share their passion for a land where wild men can sometimes be tamed and tame beasts can get really wild. Among the wild men they find are a gunner in Edinburgh Castle, a Highland shepherd, a ferryman on the River Almond, an eel fisher on Loch Ness, a Borders fencer, and a beekeeper on a Lowland estate. The beasts portrayed in their own settings include Clydesdale foals, Scottish deerhounds, Highland cattle, blackface sheep, falcons, lurchers, bees, pigs, cashmere goats, hens, cockerels, tame swans and transgenic lambs.


Goin aroon the Borders wi Valerie an' Rebecca did my reputation the world o good. It's no often they see us wi beautiful talented women, ye ken.  Walter Elliot, fencer and historian

These poems are rooted in the elemental world.  Robert Nye, reviewing The Chanter's Tune in The Times

Valerie Gillies is one of the most original voices of the fertile avant-guarde Scottish poetry.  Marco Fazzini, l'Arco, Italia

The work of Valerie Gillies and Rebecca Marr is the result of true collaboration based on insight, empathy and generosity.  Julie Lawson, Studies in Photography

Rebecca Marr's photos never fall into the trap of mere illustration, but rather they show a very individual vision - creative interpretation rather than prosaic document.  Robin Gillanders, photographer