Listen to the Trees

Listen to the Trees


Don MacCaskill

ISBN: 9780946487653

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Don MacCaskill is one of Scotland's foremost naturalist, conservationists and wildlife photographers. Listen to the Trees is a beautiful and acutely observed account of how his outlook on life began to change as trees, woods, forests and all the wonders that they contain became a focus on his life. It is rich in its portrayal of the life that moves in the Caledonian forest and on the moorlands - lofty twig-stacked heronries, the elusive peregrine falcon and the red, bushy-tailed fox - of the beauty of the trees, and of those who worked in the forests. 'Trees are surely the supreme example of a life-force stronger than our own,' writes Don MacCaskill. 'Some, like the giant redwoods of North America, live for thousands of years. Some, like our own oaks and pines, may live for centuries. All, given the right conditions, will regenerate their species and survive long into the future.' In the afterword Dr Philip Ratcliffe, former Head of the EC's Environment Branch and a leading environment consultant, discusses the future role of Britain's forests - their influence on the natural environment and on the communities that live and work in and around them. With photographs by Don MacCaskill


Listen to the Trees will inspire all those with an interest in nature. It is a beautiful account, strongly anecdotal and filled with humour.  Dr Rennie McCowan

Enthralling... it gave me more pleasure than any book I have read for years.  The Guardian on On the Swirl of the Tide

...suspense, marvellous scenery and practical information... good armchair reading and more. Don's photographs are superb.  Evening Standard on The Blood is Wild