Skye 360

Skye 360


Walking the Coastline

Andrew Dempster

ISBN: 9780946487851

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

One long walk divided into lots of short walks taking you all the way round Skye's rugged coastline. Skye's plethora of peninsulas and sea-lochs contain awesome cliffs, remote beaches, storm tossed sea-stacks, natural arches, ancient duns, romantic castles, poignant Clearance settlements, tidal islands and idyllic secluded corners. If you want to experience Skye in all its fascinating wealth of popular tourist haunts and hidden treasures, then let this book take you on a continuous 360-mile coastal walk around this mythical black island. You will soon find that there is a lot more to discover than the celebrated Cuillin ridge, mecca for walkers and climbers from all over the world. Andrew Dempster took one month to walk the whole coastline, he describes not just a geographical journey along the intricacies of Skye's coastline but also a historical journey from prehistoric fortified duns to legendary castles, from the distressing remains of black-houses to the stark geometry of the Skye bridge.