50 Shades of Hillwalking

50 Shades of Hillwalking


Ralph Storer

ISBN: 9781910021651

Binding: paperback

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In 50 Shades of Hillwalking, Ralph Storer takes a quirky look at the peculiar pursuit of messing about on mountains and presents us with 50 personal hillwalking experiences. Walking, climbing, mountain biking, caving – Ralph has tried it all, but admits to expertise only in the lost art of ‘festering’. With room also for contemplation and argument, his inimitable 50 Shades will amuse, inspire and inform.

Follow in his footsteps as he roves from the Lake District to the Alps, from Snowdonia to Scandinavia, and from the Scottish Highlands to the deserts and canyons of America. Warm to his intrepid exploits of derring-do as he gets snowbound in a tent, gets stuck on ice falls and in caves, and falls off mountain bikes and down sand dunes.

Culled from not-yet-a-lifetime of eclectic escapades both at home and abroad, brought to life by carefully selected images, this highly entertaining collection of stories will resonate with anyone whose aspirations outstrip their ability.


His books are exceptional… he subverts the guidebook completely.  The Angry Corrie

Storer is happy to share numerous irreverent insights into the hills, and this acts as a timely reminder that walking should be primarily about enjoyment of the great outdoors.  Aberdeen Press and Journal

A treat for all hillwalkers active or chair bound… Ralph Storer rambles over all aspects of enjoying and suffering, not only Scottish, but the world’s hills.  Scots Independent on The Joy of Hillwalking