You Are What You Grow

You Are What You Grow


Life, Land and the Pursuit of Happiness

Antonia Swinson

ISBN: 9781905222643

Binding: hardback

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Based on her hit Allotment Tales column for "The Scotsman and New Consumer Magazine", Antonia Swinson - the First Lady of the allotment - shares, not only her tips for gardening and allotment management, but also the effect of her time spent in the mud. Written with humour and vim You Are What You Grow is her extraordinary original vision of how the world ticks. Scything down the caricature of the allotmenteer, this is a social and political critique from an allotmenteer's point of view. Antonia explores issues such as the history of British land ownership, organic produce and self-sufficiency, community building and the psychological benefits to be found by allotmenteering. The work is divided by season with gardening tips, money saving ideas and promotion of healthy, and organic food.