The Story of Dementia

The Story of Dementia


John Killick

ISBN: 9781912147052

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

So far as we are aware, there has never been a book before with this title or aim. This may be because no-one has been foolhardy enough to attempt one! And it is true that this is a story in mid-flow, even perhaps still near the beginning. But the subject is so complex, and surrounded with so many misconceptions that, even in a truncated form, it needs to be told.

John Killick has chosen a simple but effective format. Each of the nine main chapters focuses on an individual or individuals (twelve in number) who, in his view, have made significant contributions to our knowledge.

The message is one of hope. Although the medical model has yielded little in the way of advances, that is not true of psychosocial initiatives.

This little book tells the hidden story of positive approaches, and those who have devoted their lives to finding alternative creative solutions to one of today’s great challenges. If your life is at all touched by dementia, you should be reading it.


This lively book will open doors to what we do know, providing immediately available insights to the casual reader and references to the sources for those who wish to dig deeper.   Professor Richard Fleming


Praise for Dementia Positive

Hugely influential.   The Journal of Dementia Care

His vast experience and wisdom is distilled into this small book.   The Journal of Dementia Care

Tells succinctly and compellingly the other side of the story of dementia.   The Journal of Dementia Care

A must-read as a step towards making life better for people with dementia.   Dr. Sandra Davis, Gerontologist

This book is exceptional… it says exactly what I think and try to say.   Keith Oliver, person with dementia

Watch the launch of The Story of Dementia, filmed at the National Library of Scotland on 23 May, 2018: