A Girl's Guide to Vintage

A Girl's Guide to Vintage


Lynne Coleman

ISBN: 9781906817466

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

If clothes could talk, vintage would have the most to say...

A lifelong love of vintage clothes and bargain hunting sustained Lynne when she was made redundant. Borrowing, blagging and begging her way around the country, she found her feet again in the cowboy boots of yesteryear, and brought her discoveries back to share.

From Aberdeen to Brighton, Victorian beading to 1980s neon, across 15 cities and all decades, Lynne reveals the things she loves about her favourite vintage haunts. Layering vintage chic, gorgeous photographs and a soupcon of fashion history, A Girl's Guide to Vintage is for both initiates and adepts at the altar of vintage.


If the world of authentic retro clothing is one you've never been able to conquer, then here's lesson one - pick up Lynne McCrossan's gorgeous little handbag-sized bible of wisdom on how to track down the very best outfits from bygone eras.  The Daily Record