100 Favourite Ceilidh Dances

100 Favourite Ceilidh Dances


Andy Greig

ISBN: 9781910745380

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

From traditional favourites to modern country dances, these 100 Favourite Ceilidh Dances are bound to get your blood pumping. The book includes easy to follow instructions and diagrams, a brief history of Scottish country dancing, and information about the origins of each dance.

Beginners will be expert country dancers in no time, and experts will return again and again to share and call their favourite dances.


This book is set to inspire the dancer, the caller and the teacher of social dances.  Pia Walker, convener of Traditional Dance Forum Scotland

An essential tool for teachers, callers and dancers for whom engagement and enjoyment are the top couple.  Dr Catriona Scott

A riotous collection of dances from across these isles, 100 Favourite Ceilidh Dances will get everyone on their feet with straight-forward instructions for callers new and old.  Dr Fiona Watson, historian and ceilidh band member

Table of contents:

Technical Terms
A Brief History of Dance

1 Aberystwyth Castle Moderate
2 Alabama Jubilee Moderate
3 An Adventure at Margate Moderate
4 Atlantic Hornpipe Moderate
5 Balance the Star Moderate
6 Ballydesmond Polka Moderate
7 Billywig Jig Moderate
8 Black Jack Moderate
9 Blaydon Races Easy
10 Bodmin Riding Easy
11 Boston Tea Party Moderate
12 Boston Two Step Moderate
13 Bridge of Athlone Easy
14 Buttered Peas Easy
15 Caerphilly March Easy
16 Canadian Barn Dance Easy
17 Circassian Circle Easy
18 Circle Waltz Easy
19 Cottagers Moderate
20 Cumberland Reel Easy
21 Cumberland Square Eight Moderate
22 Dashing White Sergeant Moderate
23 Demon’s Rant Moderate
24 Dixon Sixsome Moderate
25 Dorset 4 Hand Reel Moderate
26 Drambuie Reel Moderate
27 Drops of Brandy Moderate
28 Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh Difficult
29 Duke of Perth Difficult
30 Eightsome Reel Difficult
31 Flowers of Edinburgh Difficult
32 Flying Scotsman Easy
33 Foula Reel Moderate
34 Gay Gordons Easy
35 Geud Man of Ballangigh Difficult
36 Glencar Reel Moderate
37 Go George, I can’t endure you Easy
38 Gypsy Hill Moderate
39 Hamilton House Difficult
40 Haymakers Jig Moderate
41 Hazels Jig Easy
42 Hebridean Weevil Moderate
43 Henry’s Hobby Horse Moderate
44 Horned Ram Easy
45 Horses Brawl Moderate
46 Hullichan Jig Moderate
47 Jack’s the Lad Moderate
48 Jolly Roger Easy
49 Jo Taylors Moderate
50 Jumping Joan Moderate
51 Kennet & Avon Moderate
52 Kentucky Reel Moderate
53 Kicking up the Sawdust Moderate
54 Lannigan’s Ball Moderate
55 La Russe Moderate
56 Lucky 7 Easy
57 Machine Without Horses Moderate
58 Maggie Mixer Easy
59 Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Moderate
60 Mexican Waltz Easy
61 Military Two Step Moderate
62 Mozart Moderate
63 Ninepin Quadrille Easy
64 Offas Dyke Moderate
65 Orcadian Strip the Willow Moderate
66 Oxo Reel Easy
67 Pat-a-Cake Polka Easy
68 Ploughboy Moderate
69 Policeman’s Dance Easy
70 Posties Jig Difficult
71 Quorndon Hill Moderate
72 Reel of the 51st Division Moderate
73 Referendum Reel Moderate
74 Rockall Reel Moderate
75 Russian Ballet Easy
76 Saturday Night Special Moderate
77 Sibyl’s Roundabout Moderate
78 Siege of Ennis Moderate
79 Soldiers Joy (Devon) Moderate
80 Snake Dance Moderate
81 St Bernard’s Waltz Easy
82 Stepping Stone Rag Moderate
83 Stoke Golding Country Dance Moderate
84 Strip the Willow Moderate
85 Strip the Willow Square Moderate
86 Suicide Square Easy
87 Swedish Masquerade Easy
88 The Tempest Moderate
89 Timber Salvage Reel Moderate
90 Triple Promenade Easy
91 Twelve Meet Easy
92 Virginia Reel Moderate
93 Washington Quickstep Moderate
94 Waves of Tory Moderate
95 Weaver Jig Moderate
96 Willow Tree Moderate
97 Witch’s Reel Moderate
98 Winkie Reel Moderate
99 Wring out the Dishrag Moderate
100 Yorkshire Square Eight Moderate