Joanna Thomson


Joanna was born in 1954 and brought up at the Kingston Nature Cure Clinic in Edinburgh. She is the third generation of the family to live the Nature Cure way of life. Rather than immediately training as a practitioner, Joanna was encouraged to tread her own path, and she has mostly made her living for the last 40 years designing and making beautiful precious jewellery. It wasn’t until after her father died in 1992 that she undertook the necessary studies to become a practitioner, she was taught by the graduates of the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics and since then has built up a part-time practice.

Joanna is currently the Registrar of the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths and Secretary and Treasurer of the Tait Vision Fund. A trustee of the Thomson Kingston Trust and the custodian of the Thomson Kingston Publications with a large library of books on Nature Cure and Natural Therapeutic spanning some 150 years.

Joanna is a mother and a grandmother, her garden is organic, her hobbies, not surprisingly, are outdoor pursuits. When not working she is out with her two beloved highland ponies, her dogs, bird watching or getting her grandchildren out into the fresh air. 

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