Scots We Ken

Scots We Ken


Julie Davidson

ISBN: 9781906307004

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

Natives know them. Visitors soon get to know them. Some, like the Golf Club Captain, the Last Publican and the Nippy Sweetie, are endangered species; others, like the Whisky Bore and the Munrobagger, are enduring figures on the Scottish landscape. Every generation produces its own variations on the Scottish character and it doesn't take long for the newcomers to become familiar social types like the MSP, the Yooni Yah, the Rural Commuter and the Celebrity Chieftain. Most Scots, if they're honest, will recognise a little bit of themselves in one or other of these mischievous and frighteningly accurate portraits. Julie Davidson's wickedly observed profiles are complemented by Bob Dewar's witty drawings in this roguish gallery of 'Scots We Ken'.


The Scots Julie Davidson kens is a triumph of canny Scots-watching. Here for the first time is the famous Davidson wry take on the foibles and pretensions of the sub-species Scotus Domesticus won from years of anthropological field work and now distilled into sharp witty draughts complemented by Bob Dewar's incisively drawn portraits.    Murray Grigor, filmmaker