Women of Scotland

Women of Scotland


David R. Ross

ISBN: 9781906817572

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

In a mix of historical fact and folklore, 'biker-historian' David R. Ross journeys across Scotland to tell the stories of some of Scotland's finest women. From the legend of Scota over 3,000 years ago to the Bruce women, Black Agnes and the real Lady Macbeth, through Kay Matheson - who helped liberate the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey - and Wendy Wood in the 20th century, these proud and passionate women shaped the Scotland of today.

Leading his readers to the sites where the past meets the present, this is a captivating insight into some remarkable tales of the Scottish people that have previously been neglected, a celebration of and tribute to the Women of Scotland.

Often in my daily life I find that it is the women of Scotland that have the true patriot sould their menfolk sometimes lack. Scotland means something to so many of them, and Caledonia burns deep within their collective memory. I hope that both Scots men and women are inspired or moved by some of the stories told here. Women of Scotland, it is you who will bear and nurture our future generations. Instil in them a pride in their blood that will inspire the generations yet to come, so that our land will regain its place, and remain strong and free, defiant and proud, for the Scots yet unborn. - DAVID R. ROSS


A wonderful book, written in Davie's usual inimitable style. I felt that he was right there speaking to me through the words and that was both a sad and lovely thing.   Fiona Watson