Women of Moray

Women of Moray


Susan Bennett

ISBN: 9781908373168

Binding: paperback

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Shortlisted for the 2012 Scottish History Book of the Year at the Saltire Literary Awards

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Back cover text:

Women have been sidelined throughout history in the rush to tell the stories of great wars, great battles and the achievements of great men. But in Moray - a part of Scotland encompassing both Highland and Lowland areas btween Inverness and Aberdeen - a group of people have begun a project to uncover the stories of the women who lived in Moray from medieval to modern times.

Discover Flaming Janet, James IV's mistress; Elsie Watson who rode solo across South Africa on a motorcycle in 1912; the Queen's nurse in Foula dn Fair Isle in the 1920s; the spymaster of Albanian agents during the Second World War; the Traveller born in the bow-tent and more.

This book captures the tales of over 70 women whose lives have made an impact on history both in Scotland and abroad. It sheds light on their misfortunes, prjudice and abuse, and shows how these challenges have been overcome.

Women of Moray is a unique glimpse into the history of the region, looking at women marginalised, forgotten and usually uncelebrated across the centuries. For the historian, the genealogist and the general reader, this is a book that will deepen your understanding of history.


Women of Moray tells of more than 70 remarkable individuals, including the 'real' Lady Macbeath, motorcyclist Elsie Watson who road solo across South Africa in 1912, and Margaret Hasluck, spymaster for Albanian agents during the Second World War.   George Mair, Daily Mail

The book is a brilliant conception, beautifully produced and well worth the hours of devoted research it must have taken to bring so many fine women back to life.   Scots Magazine