Voyage of Intent

Voyage of Intent


Sonnets and Essays from the Scottish Parliament

James Robertson

ISBN: 9781905222261

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

A Scottish Parliament. Not an end: a means to greater ends. - Donald Dewar.

The new parliament building will be a significant moment in the history of the Scottish Nation...But a Parliament is not a is one of the formal aspects of a political organisation... - Enric Miralles.

This book is from an initially skeptical standpoint James Robertson, the first writer in residence in the Parliament, soon found he admired the building and the enthusiasm of those who sail her.

Literature, like a parliament, has the capacity to give us back to ourselves better, new, re-imagined. - Marc Lambert, Scottish Book Trust.

It contains politically relevant poems and essays anchoring the new Parliament building to its literary heritage. It includes Enric Miralles's first sketches for the parliament - some never seen before and is from the author of "Joseph Knight", "The Saltire" and "SAC Book of the Year Awards 03-04". With full colour throughout, it will interest those with an interest in Scottish history, culture, politics or architecture, contemporary Scottish poetry and literature in context.