The Fatal Sleep

The Fatal Sleep

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Peter Kennedy

ISBN: hardback - 9781905222674; paperback - 9781910745342

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The bite of the tsetse fly - a burning sting into the skin - causes a descent into violent fever and aching pains. Severe bouts of insomnia are followed by mental deterioration, disruption of the nervous system, coma and ultimately death.

Sleeping sickness, also known as Human African trypanosomiasis, is one of Africa's major killers. It puts 60 million people at risk of infection, occurs in 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and claims the lives of many thousands of people every year. Transmitted by the tsetse fly, trypanosomiasis affects both humans and cattle. The animal form of the disease severely limits livestock production and farming, and in people the toxic effects of the treatment for the brain disease can be as painful and dangerous as the disease itself. Existing in the shadow of malaria and AIDS, it is an overlooked disease, ignored by pharmaceutical companies and largely neglected by the western world.

Peter Kennedy has devoted much of his working life to researching sleeping sickness in Africa, and his autobiographical account shares not only his trials and experiences, evoking our empathy with the affected patients, but an explanation of the disease, including its history and its future. Interwoven with African geography, his compassionate story reveals what it is like to be a young doctor falling in love with Africa, and tells of his building of a vocation in the search for a cure for this cruel disease.


This is a remarkable book. It is filled in equal measure with passion for science and compassion for the people afflicted with this cruel disease.   Sir Roger Bannister

Peter Kennedy's book provides a clear, intelligent and insightful overview of the current challenges related to diagnosing and treating patients with this disease due to the difficult conditions and limited tools available... This book will complement the ongoing efforts by many organisations... to raise awareness about this neglected disease and promote urgently needed action to reduce the devastation it causes.   Unni Karunakara, Medical Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines