Scottish Roots

Scottish Roots


From gravestone to website: The step-by-step guide to tracing your Scottish Ancestors

Alwyn James

ISBN: 9781842820902

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

For anyone interested in researching family history, Scottish Roots is a fundamental tool in tracing your Scottish ancestry.

In this excellent step-by-step guide, Alwyn James illustrates just how easy it is to commence the research process and gradually compile a meaningful family tree. James navigates the reader through the first steps of sourcing family details, making contact with distant relatives and collating new information. This easy-to-use guide explains how to begin searching for family records in New Register House, the Scottish Record Office, and local libraries and folk museums. In detailed but user-friendly terms, James provides information on the costs associated with record searching, along with useful advice on maintaining realistic expectations during your research.

This new and updated edition includes information on how to utilise electronic resources and the internet to access family data - a must if conducting research from an overseas base - is essential for anyone interested in discovering their Scottish roots.


Indispensable.   Caledonia Magazine

If you have ever considered researching your Scottish ancestry... then this has to be the book to get you started!   Dalriada: The Journal of Celtic Culture, Heritage and Traditions

Mr James writes entertainingly and clearly, guiding the enquirer step by step through the Scottish archives.   Family Tree Magazine