Scotland’s Oldest and Newest City

Scotland’s Oldest and Newest City


How Perth regained its city status and why it matters

John Hulbert

ISBN: 9781910745762

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Dr Hulbert’s researches into City Status in the UK gave him a unique insight into the situation in Scotland and especially in Perth. As Provost of Perth & Kinross, and leader of Perth’s campaign, he is the ideal person to tell the inside story of the tactics deployed to achieve the restoration of Perth’s City Status, the most important event in Perth’s history in nearly 200 years.


We have John Hulbert to thank for getting us here through his diligent leadership of this campaign.   From the Foreword by Pete Wishart MP

Rich with local and national history, and with chapters looking forward to the future of Perth, the book, complete with colour photographs, will appeal to historians, visitors and locals alike.   The Courier