On The Trail of Mary Queen of Scots

On The Trail of Mary Queen of Scots

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J. Keith Cheetham

ISBN: 1st edition - 9780946487509; 2nd edition - 9781913025113

Binding: paperback

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Expected release, February 2020

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Back cover text:

Life dealt Mary Queen of Scots love, intensity, betrayal and tragedy in generous measure. On the Trail of Mary Queen of Scots traces the major events in the turbulent life of the beautiful, enigmatic queen whose romantic reign and tragic destiny exerts an undimmed fascination. Here is the essential guide to over 200 Mary Queen of Scots sites of interest in Scotland, England and France. It is fully illustrated with maps and plans and clearly shows the best tour routes, region by region. Sites to visit in Scotland include: Linlithgow Palace - Mary's birthplace, now a magnificent ruin.; Stirling Castle - where, only nine months old, Mary was crowned Queen of Scotland; The Palace of Holyrood House - Rizzio, one of Mary's many lovers, was murdered here - some say his blood still stains the spot where he was stabbed to death; and Fotheringay - after 16 years' imprisonment, Mary met her death on the executioner's block.


It's a story with all the elements of an historical thriller, a stirring and dramatic amalgam of ambition and murder, greed and power, disaster and violence.  'The Keswick Reminder' newspaper book review, Friday 31st March 2000

...a well crafted narrative which unravels an enigmatic life...  'The Keswick Reminder' newspaper book review Friday 31st March 2000


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