Lewis and Harris

Lewis and Harris


History and Pre-History on the Western Edge of Europe

Francis Thompson

ISBN: 9781910021927

Binding: paperback

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The fierce Norsemen, intrepid missionaries and mighty Scottish clans – all have left a visible mark on the landscape of Lewis and Harris. This guide explores sites of interest, from pre-history through to the present day.

Harsh conditions failed to deter invaders from besieging these islands or intrepid travellers from settling, and their legacy has stood the test of time in an array of captivating archaeological remains, from the stunningly preserved Carloway Broch to a number of haunting standing stones, tombs and cairns. Telling captivating tales of the places he visits – including an intriguing murder mystery and a romantic encounter resulting in dramatic repercussions for warring clans – Francis Thompson introduces us to his homeland and gives an insight into its forgotten way of life.