Great Scottish Speeches

Great Scottish Speeches


Volume 2

David Torrance (ed.)

ISBN: 9781908373632

Binding: hardback

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About this book:

What makes a speech great?

In this second volume of Great Scottish Speeches, more than 60 speeches made by Scots or by others in Scotland have been drawn together, not necessarily for their heart-stopping eloquence (although many have that), but as a testament to their enduring historical significance. These speeches each provide a snapshot of the social, cultural or political context in which they were made, a celebration of the power of great oratory across the ages.

As you fight for fairness, you will always find in me a friend, a partner and a brother. Gordon Brown

O sister, rule your realm in peace; I give up every claim to these domains. Mary Queen of Scots

Such in my opinion is the true gospel concerning wealth, obedience to which is destined someday to solve the problems of the rich and the poor. Andrew Carnegie

Vote, Jock. Vote, Sweaty Sock. Talk properly. Alan Bissett

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