David Hume on God

David Hume on God

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David Purdie and Peter Fosl

ISBN: paperback - 9781913025069; hardback - 9781913025496

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Back cover text:

 A central problem for the non-specialist reader over the works of Hume today is that his mellifluous 18th century prose appears strange to our eyes and ears... What follows, therefore, is what the present editors did about it. The central purpose is to open to Hume’s original target audience his writings on religious affairs; a subject which was of central importance to him – and which remains of perennial interest to humankind. 

Apportion Belief to the Evidence! DAVID HUME 

David Hume’s writings on history, politics and philosophy have shaped thought to this day. His bold scepticism ranged from common notions of the ‘self’ to criticism of standard theistic proofs. He insisted on grounding understandings of popular religious beliefs in human psychology rather than divine revelation, and he aimed to disentangle philosophy from religion in order to allow the former to pursue its own ends. 

In this book, Professors David W Purdie and Peter S Fosl decipher some of Hume’s most challenging texts for the modern reader, while preserving the sharp intellect and undaunted nerve for which Hume is famous. Hume’s spirit is brought alive for contemporary times and his writing is made accessible for its intended audience: the general public. 

The greatest philosopher ever to write in the English language. BERTRAND RUSSELL 


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