Gerry Hassan

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Gerry Hassan is a writer, thinker and commentator, and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Dundee. His primary focus is politics in the UK and Scotland, about which he has written numerous books, including in-depth studies of the Labour Party and SNP, and the creation and progress of the Scottish Parliament. 

He is author of the best-selling and acclaimed Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland, published by Luath Press in 2014; Scotland the Bold: How the Nation has Changing and Why There is No Going Back; and co-author of the definitive study of Scottish Labour, The Strange Death of Labour Scotland. He co-edited A Nation Changed?: The SNP and Scotland Ten Years On, published by Luath Press in 2017, which is the only study of the SNP’s ten years in office.

Forthcoming publications include an assessment of how Scotland has changed over the twenty years of the Scottish Parliament, and the first ever study of the Labour Party and Britishness: The People’s Flag and the Union Jack, to be published in early 2019. Gerry writes and appears in the media regularly, as well as speaking at events, discussions and conferences in Scotland, the UK and internationally.

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