The Light Blue Book

The Light Blue Book


500 Years of Gaelic Love and Transgressive Poetry

Peter MacKay

ISBN: 9781910745472

Binding: hardback

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Winner of the Donald Meek Award 2016 and the Saltire Society Research Book Award 2017

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Mun Leabhar seo:

Tha an leabhar buadhmhor seo, a tha air Duais Dhòmhnaill Meek 2016 agus Duais Comann Crann na h-Alba 2017 a bhuannachadh, a’ toirt sealladh ùr air bàrdachd gaoil dhrabasta nan Gàidheal. Bheir na h-ùghdairean sùil air tradaisean 500 bliadhna a bha a-riamh falaichte air cùlaibh creideimh agus ghnàth-ìomhaighean romansach.

About this book:

This collection, covering 500 years of transgressive Gaelic poetry with new English translations, breaks the mould for anthologies of Gaelic verse. It offers poems that are erotic, rude, seditious and transgressive; that deal with love, sex, the body, politics and violent passion; and that are by turns humorous, disturbing, shocking and enlightening. In scholarly introductions in Gaelic and English the editors give contexts for the creation, transmission and value of these poems, as historical documents, as joyous – or tragic – works of art, as products of a culture and counter-cultures that have survived centuries of neglect, suppression or threats of being ‘burned by the hand of the common executioner’. After reading this book, you won’t think of Gaelic culture in quite the same way ever again.